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+ Hambührener Rocknacht


Ein Bild von Stylo, entstanden vor dem Shooting zur CD CX ONE von CipherX. Fotograf: Maik WöllConcept... Looking at my CD and MP3 collection I cannot deny the musical evolution behind many of those titles and my own influences over time. Some of those bands have their place in my personal rock'n'roll heaven for quite some time, or arrived there by chance, e.g. while I enjoyed a burger in a local Hardrock Cafe watching their video rotation.  Others came to me by the hands of good friends. A huge part of them have earned their place in my heart due to heart felt insistance of former band mates, often pestering me to listen a second or third time to the CD in question before judging its impact on my taste.


Speaking of band mates... There have been quite a few over the last (100?) years. Their number, 23, is now the core of my solo program Stylo & the 23 Eyes.

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